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Company’s activity scope

«Goldminebmd» is one of the leading gold mining companies worldwide. Currently it is one of the gold mining leaders worldwide. «Goldminebmd» provides itself with a reliable and confident development vector for many years to come due to the latest technologies, advanced equipment, a clear development strategy, as well as highly-qualified staff.

Cooperation with various countries, where the deposits development takes place, contributes to further work scope expansion on new production companies construction, equipping them with advanced technologies, and the investment projects implementation. This provides the gold ore extraction and processing volume increase, hereby increasing both profitability and financial turnover.

Therefore, you may join our team and implement your ideas by purchasing the shares in the current company, since the financial growth pace is progressing every day, bringing profit to both «Goldminebmd» corporation as well as all customers and investors, who are partners.

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The company’s mission is to become the «gold mining standard» - to do their job the best way. The most effective technological and managerial solutions are used for this.

«Goldminebmd» is highly suitable for investments and investors, since it has got all the required criteria for success, namely large background, highly-qualified staff, modern equipment and sustainable development as well. Share purchase in the company will provide its shareholders with a stable future and guaranteed income from the corporation’s activities.

Cooperation with «Goldminebmd» implies investment in our own successful future and our financial capabilities confident development.

You may be calm about your funds safety and avoid being afraid of your investments lose, since all the company’s assets and funds are insured against any possible risks.